By Craig Sodaro
Flexible cast, approx. 9 m, 13 w
By a quirky twist of fate, high school student Mary Jo Swanson and her younger brother and sister are given three wishes by a genie trapped in a bottle that's just been stolen from the art museum. They soon learn you have to be careful what you wish, for it may come true! Their first wish brings a hot music star right into their living room, but he's so dazed he can only croak a song. Their second wish plunks Mary Jo's sweetheart into the throes of deepest puppy love and he turns into an incredible pest. Those two, along with a wild assortment of crazy characters - including the star's angry agent; a lady gumshoe; an uptight headmistress; the kids' confused father and his outraged fiancee; and a host of party guests scared silly by a pet snake - all make for a riotous conclusion where the kids make their third and most important wish.
#1027 - Wishes

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