By Craig Sodaro
7 m, 10 w
Script: 59 pages
Baby-sitting the three Taylor kids isn't a job, it's a matter of survival of the fittest. They delight in terrorizing their newest sitter, explaining their secluded home is haunted by a ghost, and that an "ax murderer" has just escaped from jail and is heading their way. Adding confusion is a dizzy aunt, who pays a surprise visit; the dad's boss, whom the kids knock out thinking he is the escaped convict; the boss' domineering mother; and the sitter's offbeat boyfriend, who wants to "rescue" her. The kids lay a trap for the convict and bring about a hilarious climax that involves the appearance of the very ghost who is supposed to haunt the house.
#1004 Every Baby-Sitter's Nightmare
“This play gave meaty parts for the majority of the cast. The students learned timing and attention to detail that led to a very humorous production! In 17-plus years of directing, this production was a challenge, yet a great experience for all involved. The kids said they really liked the different characters they had to play. I highly recommend 'Every Baby-Sitter's Nightmare’ for production.” M. W., Director, Boyden-Hull Community School District, Hull, IA

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