Adapted by Craig Sodaro
28 parts (doubling possible)
Script: 43 pages
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to have fun we go with this modern version of the beloved fairy tale! When the Huntsman fails to bump off the beautiful Princess Snow White (although he still gets his ticket to Bermuda), the vain queen decides to do the job herself. Dressed as an Old Hag, she cons Snow White into buying a candy bar as a girl scout fund-raiser. Like, who can resist chocolate, especially if it's for a good cause? But at the first bite, the princess falls into a deep slumber. Luckily Snow White has lots of friends. The seven dwarfs immediately call 911, but they, the forest creatures and even the queen's six rowdy gargoyles at the palace are upset when they learn the only antidote is a kiss. It just so happens the Prince from Aboonistan, at the palace on a peace treaty mission, is a specialist in kissing, and after a quick spray of breath freshener, is able to awaken the beautiful princess. With lots of fun, easily learned roles, this hour-long comedy is pure enchantment.
#1053 - Snow White and Friends

“We run a children's theater workshop for two weeks every summer. We never know how many kids are going to attend until a week or two beforehand. Having a script with such large number of cast helps a lot. The kids had fun, and it was a story they know already - with a few tweaks. Perfect for what we need.” S.J., PCTC, Sunnyside, WA.

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