By Craig Sodaro
2 m, 4 w
Script: 48 pages
The hit TV game show "Stop, Shop, and Bankroll" has come to your town to tape a few segments, bringing its dashing host, Benny Sharpe, and the lovely hostess, Loreli Lawless. As usual, the director is worried about her temperamental stars, but between Loreli's new feather dress and Benny's vanity, trouble is guaranteed. Contestants from the audience participate in the shopping part of the game, until Benny cashes in his chips - poisoned by person or persons unknown! Miss Peabody, the cookies-and-cream librarian who's no stranger to murder, attempts to keep order until the police arrive. But the director sees a new opportunity for a TV game show - solving the crime with cameras rolling! Three audience members participate in the shopping game and everyone in the audience looks for clues during intermission. Interior set.
#1187 - Shop 'Til You Drop - Dead!

“Our community theatre did this comedy/murder mystery as our first venture into an interactive dinner theater. It was a partnetship with a local restaraunt. The audience LOVED it. Our stage area was quite small, so the "game show" setting worked well in a confined space. We gave the audience members selected to be in the "game show" prizes for playing along at the end. We were very pleased with the results, and dinner theaters are now a regualr part of our season.” –E.S., Southern Hills Community Theatre, Hot Springs, SD.

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