Adapted by Craig Sodaro
Approx. 37 parts, doubling possible
Script: 59 pages
Romance, mystery, and more fun than a magic carpet ride - that's what makes this richly imaginative version of the story of Aladdin such a winner. You'll love all the colorful characters, including Yahoo and his pet snake, who serve as narrators; the evil magician, El Kahsid; the beautiful Princess Celestia; the spoiled, obnoxious Gorgan, who wants to marry the Princess; the lamp and ring Genies and their "wish-granting associates"; the poetic cave creeps; and finally Aladdin himself, who starts out as a lazy, insolent boy but proves himself to be a prince. There's lots of action yet the dialogue is a breeze to memorize. The simple yet dazzling set and effects will charm your audiences. If you wish for a full evening of magical entertainment, choose "Aladdin"!

“We had an amazing, fun time producing this play. Lots of fun characters and a beautiful set and costumes. Even though some of the parts are small, they are fun for the students....and every part is important to the story line of the play.” C.R., Crawford, NE

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