By Shirley McNichols
12 m, 14 w, 2 flexible parts
Script: 75 pages
It's the 1940s and Americans are doing all they can to help the war effort, especially keeping a sharp eye out for spies! And what better place for a spy to lurk than a radio station. Never mind that everyone at the studio works on a melodramatic soap opera and they probably know even less than their loyal listeners! But with the seed of doubt planted, it seems as if everyone at the station looks highly suspicious, including the janitor who sweeps everywhere, two young male writers who aren't in the Army for lame reasons, three man-hungry actresses, and even the three elderly Swindle sisters who own the station. But one spy plot gets mixed up with another when two sisters get jobs to find out a little inside company information. Overheard rumors, mixed-up scripts, and leaked "secret information" combine with romance and laughter to make you stay tuned for a play that's a salute to the glorious "daze" of radio!
#1044 Radio Daze
The students had a great time developing the characters. This is a great play for a large cast. We had 29 students in the performance. I chose to not have two different intermissions and had the intermission after Act 2 Scene 2. I also had too many females, so I made Newton a female German spy. The girl that played the role is a very seasoned actor and she stole the show. I had her wearing a large sized navy jumpsuit and she unzipped it throwing it off. The crowd went hysterical!! This had a balanced mix of intrigue, drama, humor all wrapped into one play. I've produced dozens of shows and this was by far my favorite! The audience loved it. We heard over and over ,This is the most entertaining show we have ever seen. We loved all the twists and turns to the plot. It was fun trying to figure out who the spy and undercover agent was." L.P., Two Roads Charter School, Arvada, CO

"Our production was very successful. My high school students had great fun camping up the show, while keeping the characters realistic. They enjoyed the 'drama' of the show." --Watertown-Mayer Public Schools, Watertown, MN

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