By Craig Sodaro
Cast: 12: 3 m, 8 w, 1 flexible
Script: 60 pages.
When the high school principal asks students Dani, Jenna, and Ruby to include new student Lydia in their save-the-planet activities, they’re none too pleased. Dani thinks Lydia is out to trap her boyfriend Dante, whose best friend Gavin is completely smitten with the new girl. The four girls end up trying to clean an old ranger cabin in a nearby state park. But unknown to them, a lot more guests will be secretly visiting the cabin on the same night, all with different objectives – including Dante and Gavin, cat burglar sisters Sissy and Sassy, two bewildered park rangers, Dani’s crazy Aunt Cosimia (a former alien abductee who would give anything to be abducted again), and even the dreaded Swamp Thingy, a monster rumored to live in the woods near the cabin! Confusion, deception, mystery, and laughs lurk in the woods on the night these unsuspecting people all encounter…the Terror of the Swamp Thingy!
#8541 Terror of the Swamp Thingy

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