Book, Music and Lyrics by Catherine McDonald
Music by Adam Morris
Cast: 9 m, 15 w, and numerous extras, doubling possible
Script: 84 pages.
Set in an all-female boarding school in Victorian London, young Sara Crewe loses all her money and place in society when her father dies. Forced by the merciless headmistress to work in slave-like conditions in the school she once attended, Sara dreams of a better life. She uses her vivid imagination to deal with her adversity and even bring happiness to those around her. She encounters all sorts of characters, from the school bully and her cronies, to the nervous servant girl, to the mysterious old gentleman who moves in next door... The songs have been written for a large variety of characters to allow for a large number of soloists, as well as any number of cast in the wider chorus. “In My Heart” is a loving duet: Sara Crewe and her father say a fond farewell as Sara begins her life at boarding school. Little do they know they will not see one another again. “The Money From the Diamond Mines” is a comedic, showstopper solo. Miss Minchin, the headmistress, dreams of all the ways that she will spend Captain Crewe’s money, once Sara becomes a permanent boarder at her school. All her dreams are about to come true... or so she thinks. In “We Begin Anew,” Sara steps in privately after the school bully is mean to Becky, a young serving girl. During this up-tempo duet Sara and Becky become friends over tea and cake in a gesture of kindness from Sara. Adapted from the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett and set to all original music, this show is ideal for schools, community theatres and youth groups. Approximately an hour and 45 minutes.
#5010 A Little Princess (Musical)

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