By Jill Henson and Melonie Menefee
Cast: 5 m, 3 w, and ensemble
Script: 24 pages
Hassan works as a scholar in the House of Wisdom specializing in translating legends. She spends her days alongside her father and twin. Together they are all living a dangerous secret. It is 13th century Bagdad at the height of Islamic civilization and women are forbidden in the House of Wisdom so Hassan and her sister are living and working as men. The daughters are living a protected and peaceful life yet Hassan longs to see the wonders the stories hold and often dreams of travelling the world. The arrival of a new scholar expands Hassanís horizons but will he jeopardize her secret identity as well as her future? In the midst of this, the Mongols descend to ransack. The city is thrust into chaos. The scholars are frantic trying to decide which manuscripts to save. In this confusion and panic, both sisters are discovered to be women and another scholar takes it upon himself to kill them. With death, sacrifice, and loss surrounding Hassan on all sides, she must decide the direction of her own story. A storyteller and ensemble provide narration and bring life to the stories Hassan has recently translated. Running time is approximately 45 minutes.
#2397 Rivers of Ink

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