By Craig Sodaro
Cast: 5 m, 7 w
Pages: 62
High school outsiders Agatha, Sebastian, Claire, and Ryder have bonded as the After-School Detectives devoted to solving crimes and misdemeanors at Yankum High School. Trouble is, they donít get the slightest bit of recognition even though theyíve found lost lab animals, returned extorted lunch money, and stopped a blackmail plot. Head detective Agatha (named after her momís favorite author) figures if they could just get one Big Case, theyíd make a name for themselves. It doesnít take long! When someone breaks into janitor Willyís office and steals petty cash, school resource officer Cleo Killingsworth is on the case. She immediately points her taser at the After-School Detectives because Wyatt and girlfriend Frankie say they saw the kids sneaking out of Willyís office just before the money disappeared. Principal Rathburn, aka Heartburn, is too taken with State Department of Education expert Caleb Craven to concern herself with such matters. So itís up to the After-School Detectives to get to work and clear their names. Clues lead the kids on a very twisted path that involves romance, kidnapping, and stolen art with a heavy dose of crazy adults constantly complicating every step the detectives takeónot to mention bullies Wyatt and Frankie popping up like spies ready to scuttle any success the After-School Detectives might enjoy. The action becomes fast and furious as a flurry of text messages tricks the villainous culprit, secures the petty cash, frees three kidnap victims, and recovers millions of dollars in stolen art. Now thatís a Big Case!
#8538 After-School Detectives
After School Detectives

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