By Patti Veconi
Cast: Speaking roles for 18 (4 m, 7 w, and 7 flexible) As many extras and sound effects/musicians for ensemble as desired.
Script: 29 pages
The drama club members assemble to perform “The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales,” but realize there isn’t time to do the whole collection and still eat the cookies waiting in the lobby for after the show. The actors condense the tome down to their favorite parts, mixing, matching and mashing up characters, while a clever casting director challenges stereotypes to meet the demand for princess roles among the girls in the company. With the help of a group of musician-dwarfs to play and punctuate the story, the characters head out on a quest to find the king’s missing son, the Frog Prince, and win the reward of their dreams. When the delivery of a kiss transforms the frog back to his true, princely self, everyone is surprised except Gretel, who always knew she was a princess. This show is intended for upper-elementary and junior high student performers, and borrows from British pantomime conventions including music, the use of a narrator, frequent interaction with the audience, and creative interpretations of familiar characters. About 35 minutes, depending on optional music.
#8537 - Gretel Was a Princess
Also available #8539 - Sheet music for optional music.

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