By Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia
Cast: 9 women and large ensemble of 15+
Script: 27 pages
Set in the Sierra Madre Mountains, this historic drama follows the lives of an intrepid band of female guerilla fighters who choose to pick up rifles to defend the poor and disenfranchised from the clutches of the corrupt Mexican government and their soldiers. The play explores what it means to be a woman, known as a “soldadera” (female soldier), in the face of great adversity, for they battle not only the enemy but also their own memories of loss, love, family, and betrayal. Each character allows a different facet of womanhood to shine -- innocence, first love, motherhood, independence, commitment, and loss. “Las Soldaderas” is filled with the strength, love, and commitment women develop with each other when they must work together to achieve a common goal: to defend the people from the rich landed gentry and gain absolute freedom.
#2396 Las Soldaderas

4A Texas UIL State Champions – April 12, 2017
Region 4- Advancing Play
Area 2- Advancing Play
Bi-District Advancing Play
District 32-4A Advancing Play

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