Book by Craig Sodaro
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Murray
Cast: 21: 8 m, 12 w, 1 flexible
Script: 68 pages
The Wicked Witch is on trial for her crimes in the land of Once Upon a Time in this madcap musical featuring several favorite characters from many fairy tales. The cast of characters includes the Fairy Godmother as the judge, the Three Little Pigs as bailiffs, and Jack the Giant Killer as the guard. Witnesses for the prosecution and defense provide a variety of toe-tapping tunes such as a swinging Big Bad Wolf in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” an operatic Rapunzel in “I Love to Sing,” and a rocking Gingerbread Man in “Go, Gingie, Go!” The Wicked Witch herself casts a musical spell with “Escape Velocity.” The audience acts as jury in this trial and gets to determine the fate of the Wicked Witch. Guilty or innocent, you can be assured that this show is “Wicked Awesome.”
#5005 – Trial of the Wicked Witch: The Musical

Also Available:
5006 - Vocal Score
5007 - Piano / Vocal Score
5008 - Rehearsal / Performance CD
5009 - Demo CD

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Also Available:
#5006-...WICKED WITCH: MUSICAL Vocal$7.95
#5007-...WICKED WITCH: MUSICAL Piano$35
#5009-...WICKED WITCH: MUSICAL Demo$3.95

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