The Amazing Angel-Man
By Julian Felice
Cast: Cast of 12 plus ensemble. Most roles are gender flexible except for those noted. Doubling possible.
Script: 36 pages
James, a young boy, suffers from Angelman Syndrome. This neurodevelopmental disorder causes problems with speech and mobility forcing him to spend his life in a wheelchair. The story shifts from James’ imagination where he dreams of being a superhero called “The Amazing Angel-Man” to the real world, where the realities of his condition have a serious impact on his family, particularly his father. As the play progresses, these two separate worlds start to overlap, leading to an uplifting resolution that upholds the values of hope and imagination.

The play was inspired by the real-life story of a young boy who suffers from Angelman Syndrome. This syndrome affects males, females, and all racial/ethnic groups equally. About 50 minutes.
#2395 The Amazing Angel-Man

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