Comedy by Wade Bradford
8 characters: 1 m, 5 w, 2 flexible
Script: 26 pages
Itís Marcusí first day on the job at The Twilight Cone, an unusual ice cream shop owned by his Great-Aunt Diane. Marcus has already been trained on the milkshake machine and scooping ice cream when suddenly his eccentric aunt needs to run to the store. She reluctantly decides to let him open the shop but makes him promise not to serve any flavor but vanilla. When five young women come in to the shop, Marcusí promise is quickly forgotten. Little does he know that each unique milkshake flavor causes an unusual reaction. The Narrator, unnoticed by all, enters and explains the power of each shake. As the five women drink their shakes, they quickly realize something is not normal. Kaitlynís shake allows her to rewind time. She no longer worries about embarrassing herself in front of her crush Marcus. She can simply rewind the conversation and begin again. Alexaís shake slows time. With her shake, forgotten Lola finds out what itís like to be the center of attention while the star Chelsea is no longer recognized. Kirsten's shake allows her to let down her polite guard and speak her mind. Oops! With embarrassment and hurt feelings, how will these friends get back to normal? Aunt Diane returns and sets things right Ö well, as soon as they can get rid of that pesky narrator.
#2393 The Twilight Cone

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