By Gary Ray Stapp
Cast: 2 m, 2w, 1 male teen
Script: 78 pages
An emotional, heart-opening journey about love, friendship, family, sacrifice, and what it truly means to give begins with an enormous Christmas tree wrestled into the warmth of a Colorado cabin. The Britton family, Brad and Tina and their son Nick, are eagerly anticipating the joy of a fun-filled holiday vacation spent with their close friends, Kyle and Jan, who arrive bearing gifts of sentiment, sarcasm, and sass. The two couples merrily begin to share their laughter, their affection, and their memories of the good ol’ days, but too soon Jan begins to question Nick’s paternity. When the others are confronted with secrets, both past and present, the bonds of their relationships are made vulnerable. And just as it appears to all of them that their proverbial “happily ever after” is about to slip away, the real spirit of Christmas ultimately reminds them of their love and compassion for one another through a gift. A gift born sixteen years ago.
#8535 – The Gift: 7 pounds, 3 ounces

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