By Andrew M. Frodahl
Cast of 19: 5 m, 6 w, 8 flexible, (doubling possible)
Script: 36 pages
Reality TV stars Roy and Rita Rafferty are full of energy and excitement for their home improvement audience. However, the ratings for “Roy and Rita's Ridiculous Remodel Show!” are looking bleak. After filming only ten episodes, the network has informed them that unless they can boost their ratings – drastically! – this episode will be their last. Roy and Rita consult with their production team and, as a last ditch effort, decide to do a kitchen remodel in 24 hours and film it all live! But can they pull it off with an oddball construction crew? The electrician is colorblind, the plumber has a severe gag reflex, and the painter has an energy drink addiction and can't control her jitters. And what about the kitchen? Will the hidden issues with the home be too much to fix in such a short amount of time? To make matters worse, there is a surprise inspection from the county building code inspector, a man whose eyesight is questionable at best. Stay tuned for a wet and wild adventure!
Running time approximately 40 minutes.
#2392 Roy & Rita’s Ridiculous Remodel
Roy & Ritas Ridiculous Remodel
Roy and Ritas Ridiculous Remodel

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