By Reid Conrad
Cast: 20-21: 8 - 9 m, 12 w, extras
Script: 63 pages
The townspeople having been living in their quiet Spanish village for centuries under the hechizo, avoiding aging, disease, and death. But when Tomaso decides to leave after Rosita denies him, the spell is broken. The Eights come again, offering protection in exchange for the death of one of the villagers -- one that is selected by the townspeople themselves. Two Americans have unexpectedly arrived and are invited to stay at the inn, drink the wine, take part in the fiesta, and cast their votes. While Papa tries to unite the village, jealous Obella has her own agenda. They must decide if one of the American strangers should go or one of their own. But when the votes are cast and Rosita is selected, the villagers finally listen to reason, understanding that they are not truly alive until they know that each day may be their last day. Choosing to accept what it means to live, the villagers celebrate their new freedom as Rosita finds an adventure. Full evening.
#8530 Los Ochos, A Dance with Death

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