By Nikki Harmon
Cast: 3 m, 1 w, 5 flex; total of 9 with doubling, 42 w/o doubling
Script: 68 pages
Ever forced to wait and wait…and wait? Want to scream at nonsensical bureaucracy? Then you’ll sympathize with Mr. Poosch who, after he accidently leaves his well-made coat in the country to the North, finds tremendous hurdles when he attempts to get it back. First, he cannot obtain the right paperwork to travel, and then, when he finally arrives, it is Sunday and the country is closed on Sundays. A homeless man finds the coat and finds his luck turns around while wearing it. Meanwhile, poor Mr. Poosch finds himself broke, hungry, and laboring in the street. He’s even mugged by a dog! Finding he doesn’t much care for a life of fame and money, the homeless man gives Mr. Poosch his coat after an accidental meeting. While Mr. Poosch finally and happily returns to a stable life, we see bureaucracy hits full swing with another victim! Full evening.
#8529 – The Coat…and Its Curious Travels

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