By Wade Bradford
Cast: 10: 4 m, 5 w, 1 flexible, possible extras
Script: 28 pages
Itís five days before the premiere of the non-musical version of Les Misťrables, and high school drama director, Chris, has actors who are still on script, cast members absent from rehearsal, a sick stage manager, an unbuilt set and only twelve dollars left in the budget. Oh, and the principal is bringing the superintendent on opening night to see if funding for the drama program for the district should be cut. Itís a directorís nightmare, but Chris tells the cast and crew about a pocket watch from her great-grandfather that is known to help turn everything around. As the rehearsal progresses, it seems as if even the watch canít fix this mess. Dante keeps alternating between a French, British, and Southern accent; Gina decides to pretend to be a door; Lily begins to speak for the baby doll; and Ed, the set designer, brings on a volleyball net and tells Chris to think of it as the barricade. Will the nightmare ever end? About 40 minutes.
#2388 Ė Directorís Nightmare

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