I Cannot Tell a Lie at George Washington School
By Jim Adolf
Cast: 21: 5-9 m, 7-8 w, 9-12 flex, extras and doubling possible
Script: 50 pages
There’s something in the water at George Washington School. Literally. A truck carrying sodium pentothal – a chemical also known as “truth serum” – has crashed into the local lake and spilled its cargo into the drinking water, and now everyone in school can’t help telling the truth. Teachers are fighting, parents are pouting, kids are confessing their crimes, and the school’s beloved Principal Van Vleck has gone missing. Paulie, Tibby, Seth and Analise are getting ready to compete in the school’s Olympic Mind Games as Team Electricity. The competition is in just a few days, and they’re barely speaking to each other. Can they pull together for the performance, or will their honesty tear the team apart? Will Principal Van Vleck come out of hiding? What is his terrible secret? And why, for goodness’ sake, does everything smell like rotten onions?
#8528 – I Cannot Tell a Lie at George Washington School

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