By Walt Vail
Cast: 16: 8 m, 4 w, 4 flexible, doubling possible
Script: 64 pages
Far from being a demure woman quietly sewing a flag, the epic life of Betsy Ross and her survival during the Revolutionary War and the British occupation of Philadelphia is brought vibrantly to life in this full-length play. It is a romantic story of heroism against the background of a great, world-shattering war for independence. The story is told through the eyes of John Claypoole, boyhood friend of Betsy's, in love with her from the start, who is also a soldier in Washington's army. Wounded at Germantown, John became a sailor and ended the war in the British Old Mill Prison in Plymouth, England, and survived to become Betsy's husband. While Betsy's life is portrayed in action in the scenes of the play, John Claypoole provides scenes of the progress of the Revolutionary War, so that we see how Betsy's life parallels the historic events of 1773 to 1782.
#8525 – Betsy’s Flag

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