By Sophia DeRise
Cast: 7: 4 m, 2 w, 1 flexible; genders flexible
Script: 28 pages
Mark, an eccentric scientist, is attempting to make things right with his cousins, Jason and Nina, after accidently putting their parents into a coma the previous Thanksgiving. During their stay with him, he has taken them on fun adventures such as apple picking, swimming with sharks, and betting on turkey fights. But when he takes them piranha fishing, they decide to head back to Aunt Helen’s house even if she’s still healing from her hip surgery. Mark decides to create a storm to prevent his family from leaving, all while trying to hide a genetically mixed-up monster he created yesterday in his basement. However, Mark’s plans to bond with his cousins are hindered when a pesky police officer and Aunt Helen become trapped in his house as well. About 40 minutes.
#2386 – The Storm

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