By Craig Sodaro
Cast: 21: 8 m, 12 w, 1 flex
Script: 57 pages
The Wicked Witch has finally been caught and hauled into the Court of Once Upon a Time to stand trial. She's accused of casting a spell on Sleeping Beauty, attempting to poison Snow White, kidnapping Rapunzel, and trying to eat Hansel. Red Riding Hood heads up the prosecution with the Evil Stepmother of Cinderella fame serving as the defense attorney. The Three Little Pigs act as bailiffs, while Jack the Giant Killer is the guard. The judge? None other than the Fairy Godmother. The Wicked Witch's alleged victims are witnesses for the prosecution, along with the ever-popular Prince Charming. However, rigorous cross-examinations by the Evil Stepmother poke holes in many of their stories. Not to be outdone, Red has a field day tearing up the testimony of the witnesses for the defense who include the Gingerbread Man, Rumpelstiltskin, the ugly stepsisters, and the most dangerous of all, the Big Bad Wolf. The "Trial of the Wicked Witch" is a fresh, sassy take on the old folk tales, turning them on their heads. The best part is that the audience is the jury and gets to decide the outcome of the trial.
#8523 Trial of the Wicked Witch

"This play was fun to do. Comedic twists in a court room setting made for an interesting yet delightful production. Familiar fairy tale characters in a modern setting broadened my actors skills on stage, especially since they are middle school students. They were able to bridge familiar characters with an unfamiliar setting. The audience was delighted to be influenced by the cast members for their jury vote." - Palombi Middle School, Lake Villa, IL

"The play offers so much in the way of character development, and our cast didn't let me down on this. The community loved the play and the interaction with the audience was icing on the cake." --Wautoma (WI) High School

"The audience LOVED the show! We had so many compliments. These fairy tale characters are well known and its a kid-friendly show. This is a shorter production so we included a coffee and dessert bar at intermission. The actors and actresses are what makes this show a success or not. They have to be the character 100% for the audience to fully enjoy the show!" -- South Decatur Jr./Sr. High School, Greensburg, IN

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