A Children's Participation Play
By Bobby Keniston
Cast: 7: 3 m, 2 w, 2 flex
Script: 41 pages
Attention, new recruits! Fairytale City is in trouble because of a wolf named Big Bad, who wants to get his hands on a magic porridge that will make him invincible! Billings, a master of disguise who runs the Special Agent Unit, needs your help! Meanwhile, Mama Bear, the Porridge Maker, and Papa Bear, the Porridge Keeper, are having a hard time getting Baby Bear, a bratty toddler, to eat the porridge and become the Porridge Heir, which would keep Fairytale City safe. While Big Bad plots to steal the porridge from the Three Bears, Billings calls in his secret weapon: Special Agent Goldilocks, a tough, stealthy spy who is ready to dump the paperwork and find some excitement out in the field. However, when Goldilocks eats some porridge that doesn't belong to her, everything spins out of control! Featuring wild costumes, mistaken identity, sight gags galore, snappy dialogue, and songs sung in the tune of classics, Special Agent Goldilocks is a re-imagined twist on popular fairy tales that is easy to produce and a blast to perform. Your mission is a fun time for the whole family! About an hour.
#8522 Special Agent Goldilocks

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