By Wade Bradford
Cast: 12: 7 m, 5 w, many supporting roles and extras, doubling possible
Script: 60 pages
The Dumas classic “The Three Musketeers,” set in 17th century France, tells of the adventures of three heroic musketeers who are close comrades. This, sadly, is not a dramatization of that beloved story. Instead it’s a prequel…of sorts. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are in training to become musketeers, and they are bumbling rivals, casting humorously snide remarks to each other and practicing outlandish one-upmanship. When the queen is abducted under their watch, they each try to find a way to save her and save the throne. Their attempts land them in a laughing contest, singing opera on a stage, surviving a sinking ship in the middle of the sea, becoming paralyzed from poisonous lipstick, and even dueling with a broomstick. And who can help them? Could it be Kat, a mysterious woman who seems to have a knack for finding jewelry; the lovely Michelle, who works at an orphanage; a nameless and silent but street-wise orphan boy; or Quasi Mona, a love-starved servant? Filled with intrigue, action, hilarity, and havoc, this original tale imagines the three recruits transforming – amazingly – into successful musketeers and lifelong friends. Many extras add to the comedy. About 90 minutes.
#8520 – The Misadventures of the Musketeers
(The original title was "The Pre-Musketeers")

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