By Jim and Jane Jeffries
Cast: 3 m, 8 w, 2 flexible
Script: 29 pages
Tech week. It’s sort of like trying to hit a homerun with a tennis racket. This tech week is especially challenging because the techies chose the play, Cats from Mars. Broken props and hyper-caffeinated techies are only some of the problems. The other human factors in this play, called actors, introduce chaos: the newbie breaks the laser gun (affectionately named Katniss), the prima donna badmouths the costumes, and the alpha male lead destroys the fog machine in between spates of directing advice. Meanwhile, the director desperately tries to hold the production together while desperately, desperately wishing for a baseball bat. We directors ask it every time: Is there any hope for this show? About 35-40 minutes.
#2368 – Tech Week

“What would I tell another director? Do this show! It has versatile casting, lots of female parts, roles for experienced and inexperienced performers. My tech crew were the techies in the show so it gave them a chance to be in front of the lights. The show has great appeal particularly to your drama kids. We performed it at our school and at our regional theater festival. The audience loved it! Lots of laughs.” -- C. Milton Wright High School, Bel Air, MD

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