By Bryan Starchman
Cast: 5 m, 6 w, 18 flexible or with doubling 3 m, 3 w
Script: 71 pages

Snow day! In this collection of hilarious scenes we see how an unexpected day off from school can be an answer to a prayer…or not! Sweethearts Mark and Jessica aren’t feeling very sweet when, after a whole night of decorating the gym, the winter homecoming dance is canceled. Meanwhile, Paul is thrilled to get an invitation from Mary to go sledding, if only his overprotective mother will chill. Then there’s poor Julie – will she ever figure out how to get her tongue unstuck from the frozen flagpole? Woven throughout the many scenes, Trenton, a student, and Mr. Ruffino, his drama teacher, battle the weather and each other to get their copies of the latest game “Zombie Apocalyptico 7” before the post office closes. By evening, the school theater becomes the place to be when the power goes out and the generator kicks on. Using minimal sets and a very flexible cast, this sparkling comedy might just have your audience wishing for their own snow day!
#8498 – Just Another Snow Day

“We just completed the Jr. Class Play and it was a TREMENDOUS success! I always get many compliments on the productions, but this one was different. I had folks tell me they had tears in their eyes from laughter and that their sides hurt for two days. When you have people pay to see it twice, you know it's a great one. By far, the best scene was "Back in My Day." I don't know that I've ever heard the audience literally roar like that! It was so wonderfully written and my two boys played it perfectly. Again, many thanks for plays that are so easy to produce and at the same time are absolute winners!” K.S., Arlington High School, Arlington, OH
“I directed this show for a middle school production. It seems that most of Bryan Starchman's plays are done by high schools; however, I think they work perfectly for middle schoolers, too! Snow Day was a hit with the cast and the school community. The humor works perfectly for middle school casts and audiences!”—M.K., Holy Innocents Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA
“I've been directing high school plays and this is one of my favorites. The audience loved it. The students loved it because it lent itself to a lot of creativity. This could actually happen on snow day.” –P.S., Denver High School, IA.
“Do this show! We had so much fun with it that we were still laughing during rehearsals two months into the rehearsal process. We always keep a laugh count during shows, and we broke it twice during the run of this show. Audience members told me they were crying, they were laughing so hard!” L.H., Gaylord HS Drama Club, MI
“This is a strong script that allows for a lot of students to be involved. There are really no small roles in this script which makes it great for a young high school or middle school performance. We were able to add our own artistic twists to this show by adding 'Snow Bunnies' who actually personified the blizzard during scene shifts they would literally throw snow all over the stage! The set can be very simple or can be very realistic depending on your budget. I think what I like best is that I could clearly tell that this script was written by someone who had directed shows before because he did a lot of things within the script that makes the play easily adapt to the various situation that we directors find ourselves in: most of the characters are not gender specific, set is limited, characters can be double-casted, etc. I appreciate the freedom! The audience loved it. There was a great mix of humor and a very little sadness. The scenes could all stand on their own, but the interwoven interludes helped to keep the show moving quickly. The Elders had the audience all but snorting with laughter.” -- Waukee Community Schools, Dallas Center, IA

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