By Trey Clarkson
Cast: 21: 6 m, 8 w, and ensemble cast of 7 w or more
Script: 64 pages
It’s January 1942, in the throes of World War II. Eddie, the owner of Eddie’s Auto Parts Factory in Cook County, Illinois, is struggling now that there is a freeze on the manufacturing of car parts. His secretary, Rosie, wonders if the factory can secure a government contract and be converted to make airplane parts instead— if only they can find the manpower. At a time when the radio and the mail were the main sources of information, and ration books were in every household, Rosie is willing to shed tradition, roll up her sleeves and do her part. She is chosen to become the iconic image that will inspire so many women workers to join the cause. Full evening.
#8488 – Rosie the Riveter

“Well received by the audiences in attendance! Wonderful story line. Really enjoyed putting on this play.” M.W., Aquin Catholic Schools, Freeport, IL

“The audience enjoyed the show - specifically all of the projections we incorporated of propaganda posters and pictures of the time. Take the suggestion to keep the three main areas permanently on the stage. We tried moving the office and parlor off between scenes and it made everything awkward. When we left them on stage, it flowed so much better... go figure, lol.” --South Forsyth High School

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