Comedy by Wade Bradford
Cast: 13, plus extras.
Script: 32 pages.
In this dystopian/Hunger Games parody everyone is starving...for attention! Society's obsession with all things drama has become so distracting, the Capitol has outlawed all auditions and has divided the population into ten districts: Greek Tragedy, Shakespeare Drama, Commedia Dell'Arte, and others.
During the annual Actor Games, a tribute from each district competes to become a star. The losers must suffer the fate of the Fallback Wheel. This year, Meryl hopes to become the first ever winner from High School Drama. Unfortunately, the odds are never in her favor. The Actor Games is a fast-paced one-act play that provides lots of comedy opportunities for each cast member, as well as a humorous overview of modern and historic acting methods.
#2359 The Actor Games


“I was immediately taken by the spoof on Hunger Games -- how timely and appropriate! We had an awesome time teaching our school about the different types of acting!” B.O., Seton Catholic Preparatory High, Chandler, AZ
“This is a wonderful piece that allows for characters to really become unique. The students were able to learn new acting styles and to stretch their abilities. We received five honorable mentions for acting and an overall best actress award for our lead actress.” –S.M., St. Edward Drama, St. Edward, NE
“We took the show on the road performing in 5 different locations over the course of 3 days. Our cast consisted of 12 homeschool students ages 10-18. All agreed the project was a success. A couple of teachers expressed interest in the script. We performed for 4th-12th grades. The 7th graders seemed to be our best audiences. They had a ball from beginning to end.” M.J., Theatre Winter Haven Academy, Winter Haven, FL
“My students thoroughly enjoyed putting on this production! Because the "Hunger Games" are so popular right now, they were thrilled to do this parody. Not to mention, they learned so much about different styles of theatre. The script provided an opportunity to reinforce these concepts in an authentic way. This play is a fabulous choice for ‘theatre geeks!’”—A.A., Mission Trail Middle School, Olathe, KS

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