By Craig Sodaro
Cast: 4 m, 7 w
Script: 62 pages
Eddie Poe is a direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe and hoping to follow in his illustrious ancestor’s flaky footsteps. He gets his chance when his girlfriend Lucy, a personal assistant to a very wealthy woman, tells him someone has stolen her boss’s very expensive jewelry. Fearing she’ll be the prime suspect, Lucy begs Eddie to help her by attending a conference for people with famous ancestors. The attendees turn out to be a comical cross-section of world history with the descendants of Henry VIII, Molly Brown, Joan of Ark, Michelangelo, Davy Crockett, and others jockeying for center stage. When Eddie and Lucy spot fashion maven Ivana Trembell, descended from Ivan the Terrible, wearing the jewelry, they try to question her but the poor woman drops dead from poisoning. Eddie’s frantic efforts to uncover the truth, thwarted at every turn by the dynamic gene pool in which he’s been swimming, finally lead to a most surprising ending!
#8181 - DNA: Desperately Nutty Ancestors

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