By Stacey Lane
2 m, 2 w, 1 flexible
Script: 44 pages. About an hour.
Two fairytale classics collide in this fast-paced comedy for all ages. Dame Gothel prepares for a ball with the assistance of her magical minions, Rumpelstiltskin and Hob. Her young daughter Rapunzel ruins the festivities when she cuts her own hair. Dame Gothel banishes her to the tower until her hair looks normal again. Hob, after some awkward failures, places a spell on Rapunzel to make her hair grow faster. Her hair keeps growing, but her social-climbing mother keeps finding ridiculous reasons to keep her locked up. Freedom seems out of reach, especially when a spell turns every pair of scissors into lizards! When the King issues a proclamation that whoever can create gold can marry his son, Rumpelstiltskin uses a spinning wheel to turn Rapunzel’s hair into the precious metal. But his help comes at a high price. A charade scene with the Prince himself adds tons of laughter—until he’s turned into a lump of silver! Will she and Hob ever be able to figure out Rumpelstiltskin’s name to save the Prince and their future happiness together? Premiered at the Victoria Theatre in Dayton, Ohio.
#2275 Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin
*****REVIEWS and COMMENTS*****
“I enjoyed 'Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin' at my first reading. By mixing classic characters the play was accessible, fresh and fun. I enjoyed it even more with my five-year-old daughter. She loved the long-haired, plucky heroine, but she was most engaged by the triumph of Hob, who may have started as a hapless magician, but ended as a clever hero.”
Catherine Zudak, Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Producer
“Our young audience was so invested in these endearing characters that when Prince Sterling was about to say Rumpelstiltskin’s name and be cursed, they leaped out of their seats and shouted for him to stop.”
--Tristan Cupp, Zoot Theatre Company Artistic Director
“A fairytale mash-up!” -- Dayton Daily News
“Ms. Lane's hilarious dialogue and collision of popular characters in 'Rapunzel and Rumplestiltskin' is a witty, fast-paced tale for all ages. The charades scene is one of my favorite scenes I've had the pleasure to direct. We can't wait to do this one again! Our audience of kids and educators loved it.”
Andy Falter, Kilbourne Drama Club Director
“A modern day version of famous fairy tales, 'R&R' provides pure entertainment and lighthearted laughter.”
Robyn Tierney, The Play’s the Thing Director

From the Editor: Stacey Lane has turned two “standard” fairy tales into a fresh, unique and artful blend. This two-story format delights until the final curtain.

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