By Jane and Jim Jeffries
Cast: 2-3m, 6w
Script: 32 pages
Okay, these housewives may not be real, but they are desperate. Shakespeare has been manipulating and twisting their lives for six plays now, and they desperately want to escape his evil machinations. But are they desperate enough to commit murder? Shakespeare has been found dead: stabbed, poisoned, starved, choked, bitten by an asp, and even turned into a baardvark. Lady Macbeth, Juliet, Kate, Rosalind, Cleopatra, and Titania all had the means and the motive to kill Shakespeare, but who really did it? This comic tragedy (or is that tragic comedy?) has all of the action of a Shakespearean play but with none of those angsty monologues about the meaning of life. Great for a strong female cast with some serious comedy chops!
2198 - Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare

“This was an enormous success with our students, faculty, and parents. We had so much fun performing this piece.” S.K., Dominion Christian School, Dallas, GA.

“It was delightful!! We produced it as a dinner theater. The puns kept coming and all ages were delighted. Bonus was a simple set. The table was set at bar height and we used bar stools, since we were playing on level with the audience, the diners. My characters dressed modern. Lord Macbeth did wear a kilt but with a black t-shirt and black socks. The audience ate it up. He also is a big man. We began with a prologue explaining the Shakespeare story each wife was from. Lord Duncan lay dead on the table during this speech. Then in dim light, Lady Macbeth and the narrator dragged him to the closet and our show proceeded. The audience was raucous. They laughed and laughed even applauded when Shakespeare revealed himself.” -- Reedsburg Players, Reedsburg, WI

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