By Craig Sodaro
4 m, 10 w, 3 flexible
Script: 34 pages.
About 40-45 minutes with optional carols.
Holiday cheer is driving Queen Malvinia crazy! The former evil stepmother of Snow White’s story is now somewhat reformed, and rules over the kingdom of Happily Ever After. But ever since all the traditional fairy tale characters began getting along, demand for the Queen’s various potions on her website have fallen off drastically. So she’s thought of a new way to boost sales. With the help of Cinderella’s stepsisters, and Wolfgang Amadeus Toothful, alias the Big, Bad Wolf, she throws a Christmas Eve party. Though the Three Little Pigs try to keep the mood happy by singing carols and telling corny jokes, the Queen’s poisoned mistletoe makes everyone angry at each other. Soon everyone will want her nasty spells and wicked charms. The kingdom will turn into Happily Never After! Jack, the Giant Killer, is really a computer nerd and he uses his talents to alert Fairy Godmama, who shows up in the nick of time!
#2195 Fairy Tale Christmas

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