By Craig Sodaro
Cast: From 5 male, 9 female,
to 14 male, 31 female.
Script: 67 pages.
Horror movies can be lots of fun! Join producer C.C. Bellows as he meets five directors whose movie pitches come alive onstage. Of course, C.C. knows that audiences only really like what they’ve seen before, so each of the directors has tweaked a famous horror film. “The Calamityville Horror” tells the story of a family who move into a house that’s haunted by circus animals. In “Saturday the 14th,” a group of college kids hope to find the famous ghost, Jacob Voorbees, a hockey player who fell through thin ice. In “The Extortionist,” a young girl is possessed by the spirit of Medusa, the lady with the snakes instead of hair. In “Paranormal Sensitivity,” a young husband insists on filming every moment a bridal shower but it’s only when he manages to scare off the whole party that he really gets something exciting to film. In the final pitch, “Nightmare on Oak Street,” a sleepover turns into a terrifying exercise in trying to stay awake so the spirit of a crazed choirmaster doesn’t capture the kids. This widely flexible play is great for Halloween or any time of the year!
#8411 Scariest Play -- Ever!

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