By T. James Belich
Cast: 4 m, 9 f, 10 flexible, extras.
Some doubling possible.
Script: 67 pages. About 70 minutes.
Princess Lizzy wants to be a knight. Bored with the usual duties of a princess, she dreams of fighting in tournaments, slaying dragons, and doing all the things that good knights do. For what Princess Lizzy desires above all else is to be special – one-of-a-kind, absolutely unique! And so on her sixteenth birthday she becomes a knight ... and is crushed to learn that she is not the first, but actually the ninety-sixth. Still determined to be special, Lizzy resolves for her quest to do the impossible: to go to the moon. She soon finds the magical Medallion of the Moon and thinks herself well on her way, but when she fires the storyteller in a fit of anger, he steals the medallion, becomes an all-powerful wizard, and takes over Lizzy’s kingdom as the new villain! What begins as an ordinary fairy tale takes Lizzy on a journey filled with danger and sacrifice where there is no promise of a “happily ever after.” Second place winner in the 2009 East Valley Children’s Theatre’s Aspiring Playwrights Contest.
#2193 The Princess and the Moon: A Fairy Tale

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