By Jim and Jane Jeffries
10 m, 9 w, 2 flexible
Script: 26 pages. About 30 minutes.
In this fast-paced, technology-saturated world, can teenagers really survive without laptops, i-pads, cell phones and other mobile devices? Has high-speeding texting replaced face-to-face communication? Do apps substitute for thoughtful conversation? From breaking up on Facebook, to in-class research, to real-time dating advice, this play delves into the world of teens to see how they navigate with (or - gasp! - without) technology. "Screenagers" is a humorous look at how technology is shaping the way we socialize, communicate, and—hang on, I’ve got a call coming in.
#2188 Screenagers
"We are very happy to report to your fine company that your publication of Jane and Jim Jeffries' play 'Screenagers' has warranted our high school drama company with a 1st Place, Best Overall Performance Victory at the 5th Annual Eastern Kentucky Dramatic Arts Society (EKDAS) High School Drama Festival, this year at The University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, Ky. Three of our performers in the production were also named to the Top Ten/All Mountain Cast of the Festival. Please inform the playwrights of our achievements with their work and let them know how grateful we are to them." -- P.N., Director, The Commodore Players, Perry County (KY) Central High School Drama

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