By Joel Fishbane
7 m, 6 w, 1 flexible, extras
Script: 68 pages
New York, 1920. Hanover Brunswick is the man who has everything except the love of his wife…or so he believes. When he learns that his beautiful neighbor Louisiana is marrying a man she’s never met – the soldier Apollo Vladermilk – Hanover plots to disguise himself as Apollo and marry Louisiana, thus giving his wife grounds for a divorce. Meanwhile, the real Apollo arrives in town and quickly gets into trouble with the law. To protect himself, he exchanges clothes with Louisiana's father, the overbearing Boswell Lavador. Soon there are three Apollos running loose through the city, each causing a series of comic confusions that involve a clever telegram boy, a drunken constable, a dopey minister and a mob of wayward ladies. It is left to a hapless judge to sort out the mess, put the proper lovers together and ensure that everyone gets their happy ending!
#8408 The Three Apollos

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