By Bradley Walton
Flexible cast of 8
Script: 30 pages
Five less-than-stellar students meet to work on their group English project. Their assigned reading: Harper Lee’s "To Kill a Mockingbird." Unfortunately, not one of the five has actually read the book. In fact, nobody even brought a copy of the book along. Worst of all, they’re not exactly sure what the title of the book even is! Thus begins a hilarious series of guesses and assumptions which culminate in a massive conspiracy theory about the book and the true threat of mockingbirds!
#2342 How to Kill a Mockingbird
"It was easy to produce and we had good responce from the community about the production." - S.B., Director, Anna (OH) H.S.
“We presented How to Kill a Mockingbird as part of a one-act play festival with other high schools and a local community theater troupe. It was incredibly successful. Due to the staging, the students were pushed in their acting abilities and were incredibly proud of the final result. We even made the local paper.” M.M., Kenai Central HS, Kenai, AK
“A fun production that produced many laughs!” S.K., Dominion Christian School, Dallas, GA.

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