By Pat Cook
Cast: 5 m, 5 w, 1 girl
Pages: 76
“Who IS that guy?” That’s what they’re asking each other at the local police station when Santa Claus shows up handing out gifts. This Santa seems to know them all so well…but they haven’t a clue who he is. It’s not like they haven’t seen people dressed for the holidays, especially since Earlene visits costumed first as an elf and then as a big bunny. Even Chief Culpepper has been known to don the Santa suit. As if this weren’t enough to keep them guessing, state investigator Russell Brooks arrives to check on some irregularities. It doesn’t take long for Brooks to get on the trail of the phantom Kris Kringle and then he gets his first big break – he finds Santa’s bag of presents and, in it, a collection of old wallets. Could it be that Santa is a pickpocket? From singing messengers to lovesick reporters this holiday comedy goes a long way to prove things aren’t always what they seem to be, especially for one old gentleman.
#1075 The Man Who Wanted to Be Santa Claus
"What a great show! The audience loved it, so many great lines and laughs.
If you do this show be sure you have a vivacious young woman to play Earlene. You may need some extra time for Russell to change from his suit to casual attire after Act 2, Scene 1. We had Earlene come out in the bunny/reindeer costume and dance to take up some time. Mom's Voice was very funny as we used someone with a very country accent. All in all, you will have a lot of fun doing this one!" - S. F., Director, Amateur Community Theatre of Rowlett, TX
"Our productions were very well received. Pat Cook has a way of writing stories that can be told simply and hit home with all who see his productions. It truly is a pleasure to produce his work." -- C.A., Director, Festival Playhouse, Arvada, CO
“We performed this for our annual Christmas production in 2014, and it was a hit! The script is very comedic, yet very tender, with a good message of giving. I recommend this play to anyone looking to stage a production that the whole family can enjoy.” T.C., Resounding Cymbals Theatre Group, Williamsport, PA
“The audience loved it. They chuckled throughout and laughed out loud many times. There are many plays on words that keep the audience's attention, waiting for the next laugh. As they were coming in and getting seated for the dinner that preceded the play, I overheard many people say that this was going to be great fun. They were not disappointed. I loved the characters and the running jokes. I love Pat Cook's plays. They are funny, and always have a wholesome message that is not at all preachy.” – E.C., Connestee Amateur Theater, Brevard, NC.

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