By Will Ledesma
Cast: 7-13 actors
Script: 56 pages
The Hero Squad literally stumbles across a plan by the nefarious criminal mastermind Nikolai Oshgoshbgoshnikov that involves a mysterious kidnapped princess. Once the princess learns the heroes' true identities, she is determined to join their cause fighting for justice. Meanwhile, Oshgoshbgoshnikov blackmails the city's established and arrogant hero, the Good Knight John-Boy, to help re-kidnap the princess and vanquish the Hero Squad. John-Boy has grown pretty tired of the four heroes stealing his spotlight. So with the help of a couple of bank-robbing bottlenose dolphins, he manages to recapture the princess. As a final clash between the heroes and the villains unfolds, everyone learns a valuable lesson in dreams, acceptance, and judging others based on appearances. It's a large-scale adventure than can be effectively presented in a small-scale theater. About 70 minutes. (Photos courtesy of Jeff McMorrough and A.D. Players.)
#8401 - The Hero Squad vs. the Princess Snatchers

For another Hero Squad adventure, see The Hero Squad vs. The Supervillain's Apprentice #8499.

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