By Ken Preuss
1 m, 1 w, 1-14 flexible
Script: 29 pages.
Lacey, a teenage girl, has finished work at the mall and is waiting – and waiting – for her boyfriend to pick her up. Left stranded yet again, she reevaluates her love life while shuffling through the songs on her iPod. Actors portraying each of the songs appear with comedic monologues that stir her emotions, offer advice, and affect her decisions. Ethan, a good-humored co-worker, offers her a ride home and the possibility of future romance. The play may be performed with anywhere from 3 to 16 actors. Actors playing Songs portray the spirit and style of the genre rather than a particular musical number. Without mimicking a specific artist, your audience may make their own connections - creating individual personal playlists - as the performance unfolds.
#2180 Shuffling
"We had a blast performing 'Shuffling.' We placed third in the region with it. The actress playing Song 12 was named Best Female Performance and the actor playing Song 6 was awarded Honorable Mention Best Performance." --M.M., Director, Heirway Christian Academy, Douglasville, GA. (2011)

Superior Rating (4 of 4 judges)
2010 Florida State Thespian Festival/District 3

Critic's Choice Best One-Act
2010 Florida State Junior Thespian Festival/District 2

"Our senior class performed this for our annual one-act play competition and won! Each 'song' was created from scratch and costuming, music and blocking was designed for each student's song, based on the script description. We created a 16'x12' scrim which the 'songs' stood behind, which represented the Ipod they were in, until they were revealed onstage when Lacey started listening to them. 'Shuffling' was the hit of the evening and we have been asked to perform it again in front of the entire student body and faculty. We loved how this script allowed for so much freedom of interpretation and the use of music really set it apart and brought the audience in."
- P.B., Director, Conant H.S., Rindge, NH

"Creative and challenging project for a student director. Great experience for young actors. Stimulated significant discussion about romantic relationships. Loads of fun."
-Hanford H.S., Richland, WA

"We performed 'Shuffling' in the Georgia Independent Schools Association (GISA) One-Act Play Competition. We finished in 2nd place at the regional level and 4th place in the entire state for Class A. One of our students received a Best Performance Award for his portrayal of Song #12. He dressed in "drag" and received much laughter and applause!!" - Director, Heritage Christian Academy, Brunswick, Georgia.

"We mixed old school with new music. It was much easier than we thought to find the correct music. Each song was played by a different student in appropriate costume, so we utilized quite a few actors." -- J.C. Boonville (MO) H.S.

Superior Rating
Poinciana High School, Kissimmee, Fl
District 11 Thespian Festival of One Acts

Third Place. Region 5 One Act Play Competition. Wing High School. North Dakota. 2011. The production also led to five actors being awarded for individual performances.

"We won the Peninsula District One Act Competitions. We are in a very competitive area and one of the largest and best in Virginia. 'Shuffling' is just what we needed!"
- A.P., Menchville High School, Newport News, Virgina

“We had just enough kids audition to do this play, and we were surprised how well they did! This is a cute play. We added music of each genre playing softly behind the monologues. The stage was sparse -- just a bench for Lacey and a few tall plants in the backgound. "Songs" stayed in a semi-circle in the background, but did step to their right as the songs progressed. The Songs froze when the music was interrupted. The kids did a great job and it was definitely a success!”
–W.S., Riversprings Middle Theatre, Crawfordville, FL

"This is a unique presentation yet easy to pull off without a complicated set. Each actor gets the 'spotlight' to present his/her song/monologue. Great ensemble piece."
-D.H., Dubois (PA) Area Senior High School

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