Adapted by Claudia Haas
From the novel by Jane Austen
10 m, 16 w, many extras. With doubling 8 m, 11 w.
Script: 76 pages. About 90 minutes.
(2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of the novel)
Jane Austen's timeless tale of romantic love touched by pride and prejudice is brought to the stage in this adaptation conceived especially for schools and small theatres. All the components of the novel remain: romance, love, rivalry, friendship and the many foibles and delights of family. While the clash between the lively Elizabeth and the arrogant Darcy remains at the heart of the play, love in all its many facets dominate all of the characters’ lives. The play remains faithful to the marital rites and manners of Regency England as courtships are explored, broken, reunited and ignited. The play's many locales are done with minimal effort by dividing your playing space into three areas with the characters moving quickly and easily through the different locations.
#8385 Pride and Prejudice
“We had great fun producing this drama. We had over 40 students in the cast and crew. Producing a period piece is often challenging, but the students did a wonderful job.” B.K., Director, Central Baptist Christian Academy, Binghamton, NY
"My students did a fantastic job! The audience loved it! I was a bit worried when my Elizabeth still didn't know all 200+ lines when we started tech week, but she pulled it off. I read three other P&P scripts from other publishers, but the Eldridge one had a great flow and was pretty true to Austen's book." --R.C., Geneva School of Boerne, TX

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