By Wade Bradford
5 m, 9 w, 3 flexible, plus extras
as performers, players, students
Script: 56 pages.
To prom or not to prom? That is the question! The student body leaders at Lowzund High bicker and argue about various prom themes. They finally decide to combine all of their ideas into one to create a medieval-futuristic-under-the-sea dance. But when self-proclaimed drama-geek, Dante Allegro, is rejected by the arrogant, text-messaging-obsessed cheerleader, he uses his persuasive abilities to cancel the whole event. Now, the noble-hearted student body president, Beatrix Holiday, must come up with a scheme to rescue what she believes is the defining moment in their young lives. To help win back the prom, she must utilize the intelligence of Chester (the school's resident brainiac), Tanner (the charismatic captain of the football-team), and a brooding, Goth-girl named Lee (who secretly likes Tanner). Mixed-up romantic misunderstandings abound in this laugh-a-minute comedy about that wonderfully stressful event: the prom!
#8382 Promedy
"The play worked well because it was up-to-date and funny but featured no offensive language. It was short enough to produce in a reasonable amount of time. The students loved the quick dialogue pace and the characterizations, and the audience got really involved in their energy and enthusiasm for the work." -- M.P., Director, Beurling Academy, Verdun, Quebec
"A hit! Very fun and relatable, a ton of laughs, got a lot of positive feedback from the community and made $300+ than last year's fall show." S. M., Director, Timberview Middle School, Fort Worth, TX
"... our actors dove in to this production and made it their own with fantastic results! A bonus was that most of the students were just leaving 9th grade and eager to talk about prom. On the first day of camp, most of them expressed negative ideas about what they thought prom was, but by closing night, they had all agreed to go to their proms, even if they had to go with friends. I think they all felt like they'd just been to the best one of their lives because of all the great characters in the play." - L.S., Director, The Neighborhood Playhouse, Bellingham, WA

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