Adapted by Ken Womble
Cast: 4 -5 m, 4 w
Script: 62 pages.
“The Importance of Being Earnest” is Oscar Wilde's most perfect, and most popular, play. Since its premiere in 1895, it has given joy to generations of theatergoers. The play is often called a "comedy of manners," because in the world Wilde knew and wrote about, late 19th century British high society, manners were everything. In this play, young Jack Worthing and his good friend Algernon find themselves in a ridiculous situation after their fiancées learn they are coincidentally engaged to the same man. A glorious rendition of mistaken identity, Wilde's play is sure to get people of all ages and social class grinning, if not realizing themselves the importance of being earnest. This adaptation is leaner than the original, making the action continuous and fast paced while preserving the major plot points and journeys of the hilarious characters. It runs about ninety minutes, not including intermissions, and can be presented as either a long one act or full length. All of the dialogue is Wilde’s. This condensed version of Wilde’s classic will leave your audience exhilarated and wanting more!
#8378 The Importance of Being Earnest
"We had a great production. We found the adaptation to be easy to work with and that it still maintained the integrity of Wilde's original script. We had three performances that were all well-received, and my actors enjoyed having a more challenging piece of theatre to work on, in comparison to some of our recent productions. We were able to incorporate one of our teachers as the footman, and Merriman in Acts II & III, became the housekeeper, Miss Merriman." --N.W., Director, Atchison County Community High School, Effingham, KS

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