By Craig Sodaro
11 m, 17 w, extras as desired
Script: 70 pages
While World War II rages, the Bugle sisters turn their Grandpa Buddy's Seaside Hotel into the Star-Spangled Canteen where sailors and soldiers can relax. Not only do the girls want to help the war effort, but they want to save the Seaside from the hands of a ruthless businessman, Skylar Schutt, who intends to buy it for back taxes. But when Schutt accuses Grandpa Buddy of being a German spy, the girls - with a little help from the Ladies' League for Coastal Defense - declare all-out war! And it isn't long before a platoon of spies surfaces! It seems everybody becomes suspicious of everyone else until a nighttime reconnaissance mission traps the real traitor. Wise-cracking sailors, a hillbilly jug band, a returning, injured brother, a pair of crusty old vaudevillians, and the spunky Bugle girls themselves make this an all-star winner! Unit set. (Musical version is "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Girls.")
#1103 - Star-Spangled Canteen
“This was a great show to produce with high schoolers. It taught them a bit about the World War II era, and they had a lot of freedom / fun with the minor characters. This script also has a lot of funny moments and lines, and that made it fun for the audience!” – A.S., Director, Northpointe Christian School, Grand Rapids, MI

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