By Craig Sodaro
7 m, 13 w, plus 5-8 radio callers
Script: 66 pages
Radio station manager Clay Davis learns that an heiress was poisoned at the secluded island resort where his girlfriend works. He goes to warn her but is trapped there with all the other guests. Then, not only does an elegant Countess disappear, but so does a withdrawn, mysterious maid. Murder suspects include the annoying neighbor who wants the island sold out to developers; the grouchy, inept handyman; and the burly, brainless new pool man. And who will be the next victim? Will it be the over-eager staff dietician; the unpublished mystery writer; the once-famous child star now trying desperately to find a movie role as an adult; or her jealous cousin? Or maybe the rock star trying to escape her wild fans is a target. During Clay's nightly talk show, which he does from the resort, they uncover facts and every movement is broadcast in hopes of preventing another murder.
#1100 - Tune In to Murder

“The audience loved our production! They enjoyed the kooky characters. I highly recommend adding the radio station to either the apron on either the left or right side of a stage, or putting it on an extended stage. We used a portable stage to the left of the front of the stage for ours. It was nice to not have any set changes.” S.R., Salisbury R-IV Drama Club, MO.

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