By Craig Sodaro
6 m, 11 w
Script: 59 pages
Doc Robbins, a dentist with a heart of stone, rules the town of Last Gulp with an iron fist. Though folks treat Doc with due respect as their mayor and the only “medical” man in the territory, there’s no shortage of suspects when he dies following a swig of rat-poisoned sarsaparilla. Everybody, it seems, had it in for Doc. Bonnie Vivant wanted to turn her old saloon into a fancy restaurant, but Doc wouldn’t let her. Three old prospectors Crusty, Dusty, and Musty, all resented the fact that Doc had jumped their claims and wondered if he ever struck it rich. After all, Doc always had a roll of bills on him. And what about Minerva and Luella, two axe-carrying reformers out to demolish the Last Gulp Saloon? Why do they happen to show up the very day Doc meets his maker? Then, out of the blue, who should drop by for a visit but Count Stroganoff, a Russian tourist who has to be hiding something. It’s up to Sheriff Daisy Haynes and Deputy Pablo Schwartz to solve the crime using their step-by-step guide, "Sheriffing for Dummies." Fortunately, they’re assisted by old Mrs. Culpepper who knits up a storm and manages to tie all the loose ends together. This wild West whodunit is sure to please!
#8369 Last Gasp at the Last Gulp
"We had a ball preparing and performing "Last Gasp at the Last Gulp." It was a smashing hit in all ways!" - Arcola (IL) High School

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