By Craig Sodaro
Flexible cast of 45 (minimum 12)
Script: 42 pages
Miss Crandall and her junior high students are returning home late one night from a field trip when their bus breaks down and they are forced to seek shelter in an old abandoned house that legend has is haunted. While Miss Crandall goes for help, the kids keep up their spirits by telling spooky stories -- stories about a teacher who is really a vampire, a rude girl who is turned into a doll, a mummy that is sent as a gift and two others. The stories raise lots of goosebumps and lots of laughs. With easy staging, simple props and performance time of only an hour, this is a perfect play for junior high. There are about 45 parts so everyone can have a small role, or with doubling, you can use only 12 to 15 actors.
#1097 - Welcome to the Haunted House
"I work at a 130-year-old opera house that produces shows throughout the year with professional actors. Every year however, we also produce two children's productions, one at Halloween and one in the spring, with large size children's casts since we have many, many children audition. This year I directed "Welcome to the Haunted House" with a cast of 64 children in grades 3 through 8th. We used one drop depicting an old abandoned house and minimal set pieces for each scene. We put emphasis on makeup and costumes at Halloween since the children are taught by a professional makeup artist how to do their own specialized makeup." -- C.S., Tibbits Opera House, Coldwater, MI

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