By Craig Sodaro
9 m, 15 w
Script: 66 pages
Count Sid Onitt is trying to mend his vampire ways so he can become a member of Parliament, but it isn't easy when his servant Igor and five vampire widows are hanging around (literally) his dreary castle, ready for some fresh necks. So you can imagine the excitement when ten - dare we say, red-blooded - American students stay overnight as part of their tour of England! To get the attention of one of the girls, two of the guys hatch a perfect little romantic plot, especially since it coincides with Vlad night when Vampire Vlad, the granddaddy of all vampires, is supposed to take the blood from one girl whom he finds most appealing. The kids are innocently unaware that the Count himself doesn't like garlic! The cloak-and-fang shenanigans that follow go straight for the jocular vein! Interior castle set.
#1089 - Date With a Vampire

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